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Terms and Conditions


1. Bookings

Bookings can be made online, via telephone, email or personally on-site.

2. Offer and Service

Exclusively the service descriptions written down in the invoices/order confirmations are decisive for the amount of contractual services. Subsidiary arrangements must be confirmed by us in written form.

3. Payment Terms and Prices

The agreed price written on the invoice shall be due for payment within 14 days, at the latest before the simulator flight.

4. Viewers

Bringing viewers (flight guest + max. five additional persons) is possible at any time without any extra charge.

5. Withdrawal and Rebooking

In case of cancellation of or withdrawal from an existing booking the following costs arise:

  • 35 % of the invoice amount after the withdrawal period and up to 7 days before the beginning of the simulation flight.
  • 50 % of the invoice amount from 7 days before the beginning of the simulation flight.
  • 100 % of the invoice amount from 24h before the beginning of the simulation flight.

Rebookings are for free up to 3 days previously. In case of a rebooking from 3 days before the beginning of the simulation flight aviare consult GmbH reserves the right to charge a rebooking fee of 40€. In case of a withdrawal or rebooking aviare consult GmbH must be informed via telephone, in written form or via email. Therefore, the date of the receipt is valid. The receipt of the cancellation must be confirmed by aviare consult GmbH. At any time, a substitute person can be designated without any extra charge. In case of a change of this type aviare consult GmbH must be informed.


6. Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are valid for three years and cannot be paid out in cash.

If the costumer is in possession of a gift voucher and does not appear on the booked appointment or does not cancel this appointment not later than one day before the beginning of the appointment, the gift voucher is not valid anymore. There is no claim regarding a new appointment.

7. Liability

The usage of the flight simulators is at the costumer’s own risk. The costumer must inform aviare consult GmbH in case of pre-existing conditions of which symptoms can be triggered or worsen due to excitement (e.g. epilepsy or heart and vascular disease).

8. Obligatory identity display

Every costumer is obliged to submit a valid ID card or passport. Without submission of the corresponding document the simulation flight can be refused. In case of exercising the flight through substitute person, this person is obliged to submit a valid ID card or passport as well.

9. Data protection

The aviare consult GmbH reserves the right to process and save the data collected during the transactions. All customer data are treated confidentially and will not be given to third parties for commercial reasons.

10. Right of cancellation

The customer may cancel his contract within 14 days without stating any reasons in written form (e.g. letter, fax, email). The period shall begin when this advice has been received in written form.

The timely dispatch of the cancellation is sufficient for compliance with the cancellation period:

aviare consult GmbH
Kantstr. 132
10625 Berlin
Fax: 030 / 37 30 23 77

The right of cancellation expires ahead of time if the contract has already been fully performed by both parties according to the explicit wish of the costumer before the customer has used his right of cancellation.

11. Age restrictions

Costumers younger than 18 years old attending our simulator on their own must have a written approval by a parent or a legal guardian. Costumers younger than 16 years old must to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. For children the height is rather decisive than the age. For a height under 1,40m the costumer shall bring a booster seat like normally used in cars. We have one standard booster seat. Consider that the child will be able to look out of the cockpit window but he will not reach the pedals with his feet. In this case, the co-pilot has to operate the pedals.

12. Miscellaneous

If the costumer has obviously consumed alcohol or mind-altering substances before the simulator flight, aviare consult GmbH has the right to exclude him immediately from further participation. In this case, the price will not be refunded.

The costumer is obliged to follow the instructors’ instructions on the initial operation and during the use of the flight simulator. Any infringements shall entitle us to stop the booked flight time. In this case, the price will not be refunded.

If the costumer is delayed by more than 15 min. there is no claim for execution of the booked simulator flight.

In case of a physical disability, please, contact us to clarify if the visit with your existing disability is possible or if it makes sense. In any case, we can take over no guarantee for a complete service.

We recommend comfortable clothing as well as non-slip footwear.

13. Technical malfunction of the simulator

In spite of regular maintenance of the simulator, malfunctions can occur. In case of technical malfunctions before or during the use of the simulator, aviare consult GmbH offers alternate dates to the costumer for unfinished services. Aviare consult GmbH shall not be liable for consequential costs which arise e.g. from the costumers’ arrival and/or hotel accommodation.

If the costumer is not able to arrange an alternate date within three months, he has the right to return the ticket and demand a refund.

14. Severability clause

The invalidity of any provision of this agreement shall not affect the validity of any other provision. Any invalid provision shall be substituted by a valid provision which is equivalent to the economic meaning and purpose of the contract.

15. Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Berlin, Germany.


Status: April 2014


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