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Fly – even without prior flying skills!

Join us on board – take off - feel every movement! 

Flying in a simulator without motion feels like swimming without water. Except for the simulators dedicated to professional pilot training in large airline training centers, aviare offers Germany’s only airliner flight simulator based on a motion platform. Thus, at aviare you can really feel what it’s like to fly and control the Boeing 737-800 all by yourself. 

You will occupy the captain’s seat in our fully equipped, authentic replica of a Boeing 737-800’s cockpit.


Start the engines, push the thrust levers forward. While the 24.000 horsepower gently accelerate our 70 tons, you will be pressed into your seat.

From a gentle inclination while flying a turn, to a roller coaster drive in severe turbulences – the motion platform responds to any event authentically. This leads to an experience close to reality: from takeoff to landing.



Here’s your flight plan, all this awaits you:

  • Basic Briefing (Instruction on the Boeing 737-800 cockpit as well as basic
    principles of flying and controlling the aircraft) by our crew while sitting on
    original airline seats in our aviation lounge (depending on booked package)
  • Cold or warm non-alcoholic beverages
  • Your individual flight program: Depending on your booked package you
    can choose among thousands of airports, different weather conditions
    and optional incidents (e.g. engine failure)… We’d be happy to assist you
    with your choice! Our action packages already contain exciting flight programs.
  • Flight in the simulator with one of our instructors (according to booked flight time)
  • A flight certificate and a debriefing in our aviation lounge (depending on booked package)