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Our Fleet

Since 2013 we run two Boeing 737-800 flight simulators in our premises.
Besides a reduced single-seat-cockpit, we offer Germany’s only airliner flight simulator on a motion platform
(with exception to the simulators in large airline training centers).


Technical details:


Boeing 737- 800 simulator

  • Fully equipped, authentic replica of Boeing 737-800’s cockpit on a motion platform
  • Projected visual system on a curved screen with a 180° field of view in 3x full HD quality
  • Aircraft performance and simulation model true to the original
  • Professional simulation environment (Lockheed Prepar3D)
  • Complete simulation of the aircraft systems
  • Simulation of system failures and emergency situations
  • Extensive special equipment (smoke simulation, functional and original oxygen masks, and much more)
  • Our cockpit provides enough space for 4 persons (Instructor + 3 guests)
  • Professional instructor station to control the simulation or via tablet computer
  • Closed, air-conditioned cabin with live Full-HD broadcasting to our aviation lounge



Reduced single-seat cockpit “Jetstream”

Single-seat cockpit of a B737 with similar features like our “big” simulator – differences:

  • Full HD 47” visual system
  • Without motion platform, but with a vibration module under the seat
  • Open construction
  • Instructor controls via tablet computer

Our “Jetstream” is perfect for basic flight training, to get familiar with the Boeing 737 or for pilots’ procedure training. This simulator is mobile, thus it can be used outside of our premises. You can book it for your personal events!

For further information about our “Jetstream” download our PDF information sheet.

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