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Last Minute Slots

You're interested in flying our simulator on a short-term appointment? In case customers cancel their appointment, you can save some money with our Last-Minute Offers! Please notice that Last-Minute slots have to be booked by phone exclusively (+49 (0) 30 / 37 30 23 70).


 Saturday, 29.02.2020

12:00-14:00 Basic-Flyer-Package (60 minutes sim-time incl. motion) instead of 189,-€ 

129,-€ (save 32 %)


(last update 28.02.2020, 10:00)



The complete package! Our Last-Minute-Offer includes 60min of sim time incl. motion in our B737-800 flight simulator.
It also includes a professional briefing by one of our instructors, softdrinks and a personalized framed flight certificate (total event time is around 120min.)! Only requirement: Your flight has to be done at one of our published Last-Minute Slots (see dates above).



1) In case a Last-Minute-Slot becomes available, we'll publish it above in our "Last Minute Slots" category on this website.
2) In case one of the published dates fits your schedule, please give us a call under  (+49 (0) 30 / 37 30 23 70). and place your booking on one of our Last Minute offers (binding). Stay tuned, as these offers are very limited!
3) Appear ontime for your flight, but please don't come early! It's simply not neccessary to appear ahead of time...
4) You can pay your Last-Minute-package at our location, either in cash or by EC-card (no credit cards accepted).
5) .....have a good flight :)!



- The reduced price is exclusively connected to the booking of one of the potential Last-Minute-dates mentioned above.
- The booking of one of our Last-Minute-Deals has to be done by phone, exclusively.
- The Last-Minute-offer has to be booked until friday before the date of the flight (i.e.: Last-Minute-Slot is Saturday, 02.06. -> offer has to be booked until Friday, 01.06.)
- Your booking is binding and has to be payed in cash or EC-card at our place on the day of your flight.
- Vouchers already purchased cannot be used to pay a Last-Minute-Offer.
- First come, first serve: Limited offer only!