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Booking, Payment, Appointments and Gift Voucher

  • How can I book a flight session?

There are different ways to book: Either you use the booking system on our website or you contact us via telephone or email ( or visit us in our premises at Kantstr. 132.

  • Do I need to make a prior appointment arrangement or is it possible to come spontaneously?

In any case a prior appointment arrangement is necessary as our simulator is usually fully booked and there is not much time between appointments. Please make sure to make an appointment 1-2 weeks previously. Just call us or send an email. Please consider that spontaneous appointments and appointments at short notice are rarely possible. Moreover, it is important that you do not come too early to your flight session since there are usually still guests who have just finished their session. If you have an appointment at 2 o’clock, please make sure you’ll come at 2 o’clock J, i.e. the hall is reserved for you starting at 2o’clock.

  • At which time can I fly?

Our regular flight hours are Monday until Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm. At this time it is possible to book a flight. Events are also possible on Sundays.

  • How can I pay?

There are different payment options: Booking online you can choose between paying via PayPal, immediate transfer (Sofortüberweisung) or on account (payment term: 14 days). On-site payments can be made via EC card or by cash.

  • My flight session was excellent! Is it possible to book a further hour directly?

Depending on our schedule it is possible to upgrade to the next higher package or to book one or more extension hours on-site.

  • Can I buy a voucher and give it away?

Yes, of course. Our flight experience is also available as a gift voucher. For this, you’ll have to click on “As a gift voucher” if you book online or let us know if you book via email/telephone or on-site. Our voucher has the design of a boarding pass, so it looks like a flight ticket. You can also buy our classy metal box to use it as a package for the gift voucher.

  • How long is the gift voucher valid?

The validation of the gift voucher is three years starting from the day when it was paid. Thus, you have enough time to redeem your voucher.


Questions on the simulator

  • Does the simulator move?

Yes, our B737-800 flight simulator is Germany’s only public accessible airliner simulator with motion. The system is installed on a motion platform, which offers three degrees of freedom. Therefore, the simulator gives an extremely realistic impression of flying an airplane. Of course, you can also use the simulator without motion if you wish to.

  • To which airports can I fly?

You can choose from 24.000 airports worldwide to create your individual flight. If you cannot decide by yourself, we’d like to suggest exciting, scenic, difficult or action packed flight programs.

  • How will I be supported during the flight?

Your instructor will already train you in a briefing (approx. 20-30 min.) and explain the basic principles of the control, cockpit displays and systems of the Boeing 737-800. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and to contribute your knowledge. During the actual flight, your instructor will sit on the right seat (f/o seat) next to you in the simulator and helps you to complete the flight safely and successfully. Our instructors are experienced aeronautical engineers, pilots or aeronautical engineering students. They are all trained on the B737-800.

  • Which setting options do I have before and during the flight?

You can always decide at which time of the day, under which weather or visibility conditions you want to fly. Furthermore it is possible to simulate aircraft system failures or other incidents such as a fire and then, your task is to solve these problems under the guidance of your instructor. Due to the special equipment of our B737-800 simulator you also have the possibility to produce smoke in the cockpit and thus to simulate a fire in the cockpit realistically. At the same time, you can normally breathe due to the original oxygen masks… of course, you still have to prepare an emergency landing, too.  

  • What can I see when I fly in the simulator?

The B737-800 simulator has a screen on which the simulated environment is projected with a 180° field of view in 3x full HD resolution. You can see everything the pilots normally see when they look out of their cockpit windows.


Questions on the procedure, requirements, restrictions

  • Do I need prior knowledge or experience to be able to use the B737 simulator?

No, you don’t need any knowledge or experience for the flight session. Before the flight, we will explain the basic systems, their functions and the cockpit displays of a B737. You WILL fly… promise!

  • Is there a minimum or maximum age to be able to fly in the B737 simulator?

Basically, there are no age restrictions, but you should be taller than 1,20m to be able to look over the main instruments panel. It is important to be attentive and ready enough to process upcoming information independently. Thus, you should be able to focus.

  • How long will I control the simulator by myself?

We would like you to use the complete time in the simulator to actively participate. How long this is, depends on your booked package: you will have 30 min. in the Quick Flyer package, 60 min. in the Basic Flyer package and 120 min. in the Pro Flyer package. (Plus extension hours if booked)

  • Is it possible to share the booked flight session with another person or more?

Of course, you can divide your flight session as you wish and you can switch places with your guests anytime. You book the simulator and the instructor, so it’s up to you how you use your time. In any case, you only pay the shown package price – not one cent more!

  • Is the simulator handicapped accessible?

Basically, our premises are handicapped accessible. There is a little step to the restroom, but the toilets aren’t handicapped accessible. Our simulator is not accessible with a wheel chair, too. If you still have the desire to fly in our simulator, contact us before booking and together we will find a way (we’ve already had a wheel chair user in our cockpit!).

  • Are there any other restrictions?

Unfortunately, epileptics and pregnant women are not allowed to use the simulator.

  • Am I allowed to smoke/eat/drink in the simulator?

In our premises smoking is prohibited and in our simulator eating and drinking is prohibited.


Directions and general questions

  • I arrive by car, where can I park?

Our location at Kantstr. 132 provides you with sufficient parking spaces for free in our yard. When arriving, just ring at the door and we will open our yard gate if it’s not already open. (Max. dimensions of the car: VW bus)

  • How many persons can come with me?

Apart from you, our B737-800 simulator has enough space for two additional guests who can participate for free. Moreover, you have the possibility to take three more guests with you, who can sit in our comfortable lounge and watch you flying in the cockpit live and in full HD as well as your flight route on a TV. Altogether, five guests can come with you. Please, let us know how many guests will come with you when booking or arranging the appointment.

  • Is it possible to organize a company celebration at Aviare?

We’d love to organize your Christmas or company celebration at our location. Therefore, you can use our event planer on our website or contact us… we will create an offer for you based on your wishes (catering is also possible) to make your celebration unforgettable!

  • Are there any photos or videos to record my flight in the simulator?

Having booked our packages Basic Flyer and Pro Flyer you will get a framed flight certificate with a photo of yourself in the cockpit. Furthermore, you or your guests can record everything as you like.

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