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Mission:Possible - Three (usually impossible) flight missions

There are three flight missions which are normally not possible for our B737-800 – at least, you wouldn’t find someone insane enough to fly our “Mission: Possible” program in reality!Experience 80 min. of adrenaline and pure action: to warm up, we will start with the spectacular approach to Hong Kong Kai Tak, followed by a flight over the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge… sorry: under it to be more precise. With a height of 67m actually there should be enough space to fit through? Still, it will be damn tight… After having passed through successfully, you will fly into the world’s largest canyon, the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, it could get quite tight flying 240 knots close to varying terrain! To complete this rejuvenation treatment with adrenaline, we will try one of the most spectacular maneuvers of all time – have you ever heard of the “Hudson Miracle Approach”? Following the footprints of Cpt. Sullenberger and his crew, we will feel how it’s like when both engines fail and when we suddenly have to fly a glider weighing 60 tons. After a successful emergency landing on the water in west Manhattan, you will be done with a real adventure… 90 min. of pure action!

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